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FragProof is under development.
We`ll be provding Cloud Based gameservers, providing more then 300% more power
with a new custom Control Panel!
Estimated launch Q1 2019 - Click Subscribe to keep updated for alpha / beta runs in Q2 2018.

About Us

Everything you need to know about FragProof

Why choose Us.

We have over 5 years of experience in the Game Hosting industry. Since the merge with Vilayer, our team had gathered years of experience, and now gathered together to provide our customers the best hosting experience.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to remove the old slot based expensive game server hosting, and move to Cloud Game Servers. This will provide our customers will full control, meanwhile reducing the price of 100's of game servers. We will be provinding free voice servers and TS3 cloud installation for a free 32 slots server with every purchase.

What's the Schedule.

We've schedule 1 alpha test in Q2 2018, where we will be testing our panel and management of 100's of gameservers. In Q3/Q4 2018, we will be starting beta and stress testing of our panel and infastructure. If all of the tests were headed in the right direction, we aim to release Q1 2019.


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Contact Us

Contact us for business inqueries - Part of ServON (www.servon.eu)

Office Location

Rendsburggade 20 1 14, 9000 Aalborg

Phone Number

+45 36 95 33 30

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